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Extrait De Parfum
Extrait De Parfum

The Murano Art Collection represents the ideal combination of perfumery with the artistic glass production of Murano. This unique collection combines the highest olfactory aspirations with the stylistic elegance of handmade vases, created in a limited edition by consummate, master glass blowers. The fragrances, unique Extrait de Parfum exclusively bottled in 30ml glass phials, are created from the most noble raw materials. Their ingredients are infused with a very high, essential oil content, which gives an exceptional diffusion power and extremely long persistency on the skin. Each phial can be elegantly inserted into each of the six vases, the colours of which evoke the thousand facets of the unique city of Venice. The combination of these two exclusive products produce both a unique fragrance and an elegant and refined décor element.The fragrances are created with the most valuable and premier quality raw materials, and further enhanced by a very high perfume content that guarantees an exceptional diffusive power and persistence.Murano Art: the Venetian Perfumery Art by The Merchant of Venice.


The twelve refined Extrait de Parfum of the line can be combined in various ways with the relevant vases of the collection.
Rosso Rosso As "Veronese" Blu Blu Blue & Gold Nero Nero Black & Gold Multicolore Multicolore Colours Rosso e Oro Rosso e Oro As "Maori" Verde Verde Green & Gold
Oudelicious Oudelicious Oud Illusion Oud Illusion Oudrageous Oudrageous Ardent Oud Ardent Oud Secret Rose Secret Rose Leather In Nude Leather In Nude Myrrh Oud Myrrh Oud Divine Rose Divine Rose Orchid Oud Orchid Oud Pearl Bouquet Pearl Bouquet Oudelight Oudelight Rose Cloud Rose Cloud
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