Secreti Nobilissimi

Body care
Body care

Secreti Nobilissimi, the body care collection by The Merchant of Venice, is closely connected to the Perfume Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo.

The name of the collection takes its inspiration from the ancient recipe book of the 16th century, Secreti Nobilissimi dell'Arte Profumatoria. This book is one of the first treatises on modern cosmetics, and from which derives the knowledge of herbs and medical plants that now formulate this exclusive line.

The collection, already comprising three Bath Mousses, is further enriched in order to offer a wider range of products to a selected clientele; it now includes: shampoo, body lotion, shower gel, liquid soap, hair conditioner, and micellar water.

In addition to the early fragrances of Artemisia, Myrtle and Lemon Balm, Everlasting and Tamarix, the collection is further enhanced with the precious and invigorating Rosa Moceniga.

The shape of the bottle is reminiscent of an ancient Venetian glass bottle on display in the Perfume Museum at the Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice.

Each fragrance features a sophisticated olfactory composition that softly embraces the body, generating a feeling of rediscovered well-being.

Artemisia Artemisia Everlasting and Tamarisk Everlasting and Tamarisk Myrtle and Lemon Balm Myrtle and Lemon Balm Rosa Moceniga Rosa Moceniga
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