Perfume Museum

Mocenigo Palace

The Merchant Of Venice is the official line of the Perfume Museum in Venice. The Museum is the result of the collaboration between Mavive, the historic Venetian perfume company, and the Fondazione Musei Civici of Venice. The Perfume Museum is housed in the prestigious Palazzo Mocenigo in San Stae, already housing the Museum of the History of Textile and Costumes. 

The perfume section includes six rooms. It begins with a presentation of the history of cosmetics, particularly focused on Venice, and further-on presents original instruments, historical items, texts, highly valuable documentation, and an extraordinary collection of perfume phials and bottles - true jewels of an ancient craftsmanship. The museum employs a multi-sensorial approach that, along with multimedia tools, accompanies the visitor through an extraordinary and captivating olfactory experience.  
Among the different objects on display are several phials from the extraordinary Storp collection. Among the most important in the world, this collection includes over 2500 objects, some of them dated as far back as 2000 BC. The Museum also displays the first recipe book of cosmetics, Secreti Nobilissimi dell'Arte Profumatoria by Giovanventura Rosetti (1672). 

The Perfume Museum is a dynamic museum that is also a study-centre on perfume. This centre includes courses on the composition of fragrances, a multimedia laboratory - enabling visitors to deepen their knowledge about the world and  history of perfumes and cosmetics - and a White Room, entirely dedicated to temporary exhibitions. 

Mocenigo Palace
Santa Croce 1992, 30135 Venice
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