Nason Moretti

The collection is composed by12 "String" lanterns scented with tea lights whose fragrances are inspired by the classic home fragrance collection: Warm and welcoming Amber; Intense Cachemirewood; Clean and airy Egyptian Linen and Fresh Orange blossom.

The home fragrances collection realized by NasonMorettiexclusively for The Merchant of Venice is made by different scented lanterns called “String” , proposed in different chromatic combinations that are inspired by the shapes of cognac glasses.
Their peculiarity is the optical effect created by the light that is reflected by a particular striped texture.
The Merchant of Venice is the first brand to launch a fragrant lantern with the advantages of being rechargeable and donating an effect of both light and incomparable color. An exclusive collection, an expression of quality and refinement.

The Murano Art Home Fragrances collection will be completed with four diffusers, inspired by the shape of the Murano Collection bottles.
These vases will be available in four different colors: Yellow and Orange; Blue and Purple ; Light Blue and Coral and Yellow and Blue.
The fragrances are characterized by a range of four different scents to satisfy all clients' requests.

Home fragrances collection entirely made in Murano glass
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